Monday, 27 February 2017

Lately it's been a struggle penning blog post most especially with the light situation in Nigeria, but we still pushing

So this topic idea came from a Cassie Daves's blog planner that I reviewed here y'all have to get it to help grow your blogs so many gems in there.

With the current situation of things it's really difficult to appreciate little things around us so today I'll be sharing 5 things I'm happy about

1) safety: the rate at which people have been missing lately, calls for prayers and gratefulness whenever you wake to know you're where you want to be.

2) Job security: Although mine may not be a fancy paying one, a lot of people would give an arm or foot to be employed somewhere, considering I'm not part of the regular statistics.


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Hello Fam, its been long I did a food review, probably because I am not good at it or because when I find a place I love I stick to it. So on Valentines day I went searching for a Native bukka, where I could eat freshly made African food, and stumbled at this wonderful Native bukka in Maitama Usman street Off Gana cresent opposite  FIRS. Honestly the ambience was beautiful and quiet and also artistic a lot of ethnic efforts was put into making the place a beautiful showmanship.

So I decided to eat Oakro soup which I really do not like to start with, but I was pleasantly surprised, lol this Oakro soup went to America and came to be, it was all sorts of sea food assorted, snails, prawns you name it....hahaha. well what is a review without the price range, honestly I'm so sad I forgot to take a photo of their menu, but most of their food where from 700-2,500 and my Oakro soup cost N2,5000

My Disappointment:


The pajama and suede trend that crept into the fashion scene last year is still gathering momentum and I'm here for it. I've never really been a fan of suede or the whole bizarre take when it comes to fashion, but this year, I'm doing a more personal take on fashion, this includes the beret trend, which I am so attached to.On a more lighter note, my mum went to the market and saw this tank top and thought it fit into my kind of style and got it for me, y'all can tall its going to be one of my favorite things, I love the simple edge twist it gives. This look is so laid back and fits the weekend cool kid look... what are your thoughts ?? OUTFIT THRIFT


Thursday, 16 February 2017

 Hello loves its over a week since I celebrated my birthday. I know I've held on to my age for so long, basically because I didn't know how people will receive it and the mentality attached to being young with everyone not taking you seriously because of age. I hate disrespect, lol and so that added to the factor, everyone who meets me asides my physical statue will automatically assume by conversation that I'm way above 25, thank God for knowlege (haha). 
Well I'm putting my age out there TODAY  to say you aren't too young to chase big things or to dream big, thank y'all for your birthday wishes...I didn't celebrate though, and I haven't formed the habit for big celebrations just yet... All the February babies put your hands up and what age did you think I was? ... Thanks to house of Dosa for my lovely outffits



Thursday, 9 February 2017

This would be the second in a row of this series. When I wrote the first HERE last year, I really didn't think I'll still be single this year, hahah, but here we are again and honestly we have to make the best of our day and y'all I see that face, its not the end of the world. I decided this year to also pen down a singles guide to enjoying Valentines:

1) Prepare a fun meal : Honestly if you were in a relationship, you probably would be doing this for bae, what makes you think your single self isn't deserving of that same treatment, spice that chicken up and have a nice, fun time.


Sunday, 5 February 2017

Soon the dry season in Nigeria would soon be over, and am I the only one that has this sad feeling, that we live in a country where the raining season is dreaded, cos the roads become bad, drainage system overflows and all... On a bright side, before that season comes, I'll enjoy the comfort of wearing floral outfits, miniskirts and feeling cool. To think that the outfit put together cost me like N500 who doesn't like a good bargain. what do y'all think of playing color sometimes, my hair is a wig and I've had it for two years or over now and it has this vibe whenever I put it on. Do y'all want me to tag stores where its possible to get similar outfits? by the way please stay safe everyone, and always try to look out for someone else, it goes a long way


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Honestly, I can't really tell what season and year this Jeremy Scott pants (BRAWEAR) where released, but considering from when I've owned them it should span a bit over 4 years. This is one of those items in ones wardrobe that doesn't loose its flare, and becomes more of an iconic piece. One of those first thrift items I've worn on the blog countless times, it hurts 😂. I really didn't fancy the pants for 2 years or so until one day, I decide to check the label and then a sudden love for the pants grew and a new level of ✊ respect...