Monday, 30 January 2017

In subsequent write ups this year, I'll try to make a detailed post on how I found my style and the many paths I followed till I got comfortable, with my now style which a lot of you are familiar with. Until then we will have to get little tips from my independent post.

Really dressing vintage and making people see that its a vintage inspired outfit without necessarily pointing that out to them, takes a lot of thought. I recently realized that there are little cheat codes that can help you achieve a vintage look without necessarily trying one of which is the check pattern. Checks has a way of throwing you into this new school of 70's and make you look classy.

Wearing a double check but in a subtle tone can set the look off and there you go... What styling tips do you have for your kind of style?


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

 Hello loves, how have y'all been so sorry I've been doing like outfit post more, I'm looking forward to a beauty post soon, but what in particular would y'all want to see... So todays post, y'all remember when color block was almost a taboo and everything worn had to match or synchronize one way or the other (laughs). So lately I've been doing more minimal style and dressing like a french lady and into a more beret vibe. This dress was worn backwards because I felt the front has a more stylish look, also styled my white shirt differently today, what are your thoughts?


Friday, 20 January 2017

Every now and then I get to remind y'all on the blog how difficult it is to create content and sometimes issues arising from our daily lives combined with our passion, can put so much pressure on any individual.

One of the issues I tried to make a mental note on at the beginning of this year to take care of was to put less pressure on myself. The previous year had me doing a lot of things with little satisfaction and proper finishing coupled with anxiety. Pressurizing oneself can lead to a lot of guilt anxiety and then depression especially when the issues surrounding you at that moment cannot be solved.

One of the best ways I'm learning to handle and reduce pressure has been by choosing my battles wisely, less cluster of activities, doing things at the right time and getting more hands. There is no greater feeling sleeping and waking up without so much noise on your mind. I'm learning to say no to issues I can't handle and improving myself in that area, than accepting a challenge because I want to prove a point. Lately this trick had helped and I have time on my hands to take care of my mental state. A lot of people are going through a tough time now and I hope this helps.

what are your thoughts on this? and what better ways can you share to dealing with pressure?


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Yes, to another new outfit post... it almost took forever. So today's post, I recently got the White shirt of my dreams, you know the white shirt that makes you feel like an Angel, chic, and then a woman. I really wanted to pair it with a print outfit, because of my lack of Ankara post and I think I pulled this off nicely. 

How have y'all been and whats your major wardrobe staple this season you plan on adding to your wardrobe?


 Lately, its been so much stress lately penning down anything on the blog, and I have a lot to do post especially, outfit post. A lot of people pay attention to my hair and would always want to know how I got it done. Honestly most of it is thanks to my hair stylist HERE  he gets me every time and I always have something a bit tricky up my sleeve for him. This hair installed was gotten from Labelle virgin hair HERE  for N48,000 it was worth it. My stylist made this closure for me and I think closures should be every ladies best friend they give a more natural look to our added hair (lol 😛).

I liked that the hair didn't tangle till I took it off and I plan on fixing it again soon 
 Second Hair: Its surprising how the cost of basic weavons have gone up, like Miss rola and their likes have doubled in the market. I got my Miss rola weavon for N1,500 8'inches (N800) before and installed two packets. I used clippers at the back and left the length of the front same. To achieve this look, a small comb is needed to give desired style.

what are your thoughts on this?


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

This post is long overdue, when I was contacted by Google to participate in a search engine campaign and also highlighting sports as background information I was really excited.
My goody bag came in with a board, shirts a headphone, virtual cardboard (I’m still figuring that out) and a book. My Headphones are my favorite things and if you follow my IG page you’ll have seen not one or two photos of it.

I decided to shoot in different locations, to tell a broader about how Google has aided communication and search for questions relating to everyone. 
I also to my first horse lesson, and yes horse riding is a sport and probably one of those unique sports that has a bourgeoisie nature. My brother loves Tennis and opted to cash in on the moment at Jabi Lake where N100, last you one hour of that fun.

He also opted to write a word on the board and not until the photo was taken did I realize it was wrongly spelt, but yea Google has a way of fixing that and suggesting the right words and a possible answer for it.
What is your favorite sport, and your recent Google search engine space bar?


During my Christmas giveaway HERE, I had asked what would most of you love to see more on the blog and inspirational post ranked the highest. I’ve decided to merge it with my outfit post, killing two birds with one stone (what are your thoughts on this?) .

Today I want us to talk about one Loving oneself, which is the first point of call to greatness for any individual, most great achievers are people who do not let anything or anyone make them feel bad about themselves. Unfortunately, in Nigeria emphasis is barely placed on this and to consider oneself over anything sometimes may feel obscure (figuratively), and children and individuals grow up, to form habits of less self-appreciation, that goes on to them living mediocre (which lately has seen a dynamic move) based on that mindset.

One of the first steps to correcting this is in knowing that God loves you  (see Jeremiah1:5)  furthermore list some of the attributes that are usually praised about you and read it over and over again until you start believing it. I hope you realized how love and cherished you are….

What are the other tips for loving oneself ?

Todays outfit is I finding comfort in green shades, something about this color that comes with its assertiveness and yet calm demeanor and the outfit gives this playful yet strong feel


Saturday, 7 January 2017

Y'all know I can't really do without my vintage pieces and for the first time I feel like a cool kid and super impressed with the color pastels I put together.Most times getting an this put together comes from spontaneous shopping and picking items you didn't budget for. Although this isn't a good habit to form, our fashion flesh tells us to break the rule sometimes.


Friday, 6 January 2017

Happy new year everyone, I guess we will still have to use this term till we are way over it. What has the first 6 days been like, its good seeing a lot of hope in peoples vibes. Mine has been a bit complicated and I need a lot of time to let go of the cluster in my life... 

To today's post, as surprising as it may sound I've never been on a proper date. You know the ones you go to a fancy place, eat laugh and drink, with one good guy you fancy ( yes that, hasn't happened to me yet) 😆. So I decided to do that for myself, looking a bit sloppy I decided to head out to a recommended place by my brother, because I didn't to break bank over it. 

Located at a strategic position in Wuse 2 opposite Emab Plaza is Easy Bite

I was really impressed with the meal although my plantain was too strong to swallow, and I ended up leaving that there. The restaurant is joined to their confectionery, which is also amazing. Customer service was good, ambience amazing the good part was the food cost N2,000 and to be honest I've been to places where the cost for such is way higher.

So first rules of 2017 make yourself happy and make happen for yourself what you want someone to do for you. Have you visited Easy Bite, what was your experience and do y'all want to know bargain-able places to eat in Abuja?


Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year, I honesty don’t think there is a better feeling than having an opportunity to look at life again and change the course or chat of your life. A lot of great things will sure happen in this year and I’m positive and can’t wait to share them with y’all.

Hebrews 11:1 “Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen “ one of the major things I’ll love us to adopt this year is to see life through Gods lens and be expectant because without faith it is impossible to please God and he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.

So todays outfit, when I saw this trend pop up in the fashion scene last year it was around summer and honestly, I called it bluff you know and then more and more people appeared in it especially Rihanna and other style bloggers I admire and for some reason I started paying interest and later fell in love with it and decided to style it my own way especially since it had this silk and feminine touch. I got mine while thrifting for N1, 500 the tone of the colors was what attracted me to it

What trends would you want to see more of in the year 2017