Friday, 30 December 2016

Today and tomorrow I’ll be styling my 2016 trends I barely featured on the blog, and I’ll be looking at the stockings and heels trend, and this actually is handy especially considering how cold it can get during the day and at night time here in Nigeria.

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but a great way to styling stockings is actually wearing it over a long shirt, a short skirt or outfits that don’t necessary go below your knee. I always try to experiment some of these trends over denim, because with denim you can barely go wrong

What are your thoughts about this and is this a trend you are likely to rock?


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

As 2016 draws its curtains closed and all dreams and aspirations for the year gradually come to an end, I'll love to say thank y'all for an amazing year. Y'all have indulged in all my excesses given feedbacks, supported my  little growing business and for that I don't take y'all for granted. 

This year especially for us in Nigeria, economically wasn't as amazing as we needed it to be, but as a people we are strong and resilient in our endeavors and God has always proved himself strong on our behalf. A lot of what I hoped to accomplish this year especially in regards to my masters degree didn't happen and that hurt me a lot, but good thing is that we are alive and that gives us opportunity to keep dreaming and achieving.

So cheers to a great 2017, I hope to bring better content next year and have jotted your suggestions, how was 2016 and what are you looking forward to in the new year?


Saturday, 24 December 2016

Happy holidays everyone, its no news that this season is associated with lots of gift giving, and with the current situation of things and how there is a financial constraint to most of what we would love to get, I've decided to limit my ideas to Made in Nigeria products.

Made in Nigeria became a frenzy word this year and we witnessed a rise in purchase of home made products, reason being we wanted to look inwards and the exchange rate to a dollar was becoming unacceptable to click on an international shopping site. Which ever it is I am glad we are finally appreciating our own.

So these are a list of Christmas gift ideas broken down in categories









Thursday, 22 December 2016

Planners especially journal looking ones have been in existence for quite a while but not until recently have they taken an entire new creative turn thanks to some bloggers giving it a spin.

Cassie Daves a fashion blogger curates the cassiedaves blog planner and Dee Mako a style blogger curates the life planner. Recently I've heard a lot of people compare the two planners and have decided to  do a review on both.

I'll like to say that these planners are two worlds apart they're planners and that's the only thing they have in common. one is  a blog planner and the other a life planner, so each is needed, I for one can't do without the other. 

Lets start with the features of the Blog planner 

The fisrt two pages in an introduction into your blog that guides you as to what you do, who you want to reach, what you hope to achieve and how you intend to and also goals for the year. as usual every planner has a calendar portion.

The other page allows you to draft out your blogging goals for the month, post ideas and notes, a to do list ( because sometimes I mix up my ideas as to how I want them arranged on the blog but this will help you to be more purposeful about it) 

other pages gives you spaces to write down if you intend on having a guest on the blog, partnership, what contents you intend to shoot for the blog, and how that has helped to boost your statistics for the month across all your social handles. There is also a portion for earnings and expenses blog related.

There are also quotes from bloggers to keep whoever has a copy cheered on for that month, I do have one for the month of July 

At the back is blog topic and ideas (this helped me a lot this year, a lot of times the pack page was always a referral to most of the blog topics here, giving me little hints)  and tools for blogging especially in photo editing, can be found there,  which is really important especially for a beginner. 


According to DEE this is intended to serve as a life planner for the year.

The pages opens to a calender page then goals and objectives for 2017 ranging from financial, career, spiritual, personal, visions and overall goals. Then a space dedicated to special date and a plain image that allows you to color it to life(this I think is such a brilliant idea).

Contact log is next and another color page  

The next page is dedicated to quotes for the month  and just besides it is your monthly goals, rewards for it (which I saw as really interesting and a new one) a to do list and a don't forget (as an addict procrastinator in my daily activities this will come in handy)

Few pages are then dedicated Weekly goals for the month and the next two pages are more financial as to salary, interest, extra income, bills and expenses. The next page is an evaluation of your activities at the end of the month and things to continue or drop what worked and what didn't and there is the page of what you're thankful for  

With this I only feel that both is needed and if you have enough funds as each are at the same range N5,000 if you're a blogger the cassie daves blog planner is essential and if you're such a slob in keeping track of yourself in the year the HDHQ planner is essential 

what do y'all think have you bought yours yet?


Monday, 19 December 2016

Just a week to kick off the holiday festivities, yearly I try to do lookbooks that might seemingly inspire your outfit choices for the season and here its almost summer like with the sun shinning bright, hence the choice of less covering outfit for my top layer dressing. I've come to realize my look book is usually a summary of my kind of style for that year, and every year it evolves... looking forward to 2017 with so much Hope
 Which outfit is your favorite? and more likely rockable for you?


Sunday, 18 December 2016

 Hello Everyone, its been an amazing year and y'all made it possible. My blog became quite known because of my love for Ankara and this year I didn't wear too much of that here on the blog. I love our made in Nigerian brands and what they have done with our Ankara material and May Rush HERE is one of those brands, I feel this is the best ready to wear Ankara brand I know of and I'm proud to be associated with. So I am doing a giveaway and the rules 
1. follow the page HERE
2. subscribe to my blog
3. subscribe to my IG 
4. What is love to you.
5. Let me know what you want me to put up more on the blog in the coming year



Friday, 16 December 2016

 I know I have done a little review on this product Peek-a- mink lashes an Abuja based beauty lashes line, but i felt i didn't do much justice to it. A made in Nigeria product, I was particularly drawn to the packaging and the nice customer service. A month has gone by since I got this lashes and unlike others I use like 3 times and would have to get another one, this has just remained the same, in the volume and strength it came in.

The price is also friendly considering the length of time its going to serve you, a pair cost N3,000 and this product could last you for an average of three months even if you use it daily. Thats how good and hyped I am over this, I'm glad our generation isn't taking creativity and excellence for granted.I'll give it a five star out of five, because they didn't leave out any detail in this one. Have you used their product what do you think and if you haven't you can purchase HERE 

what are your thoughts?


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

 I really don't know why I have been so lazy to put up this blog post, but its actually one of my favorite put together outfit. I am a fan of denim and a trend which I know doesn't with  seasons but only re invents itself. Bucket caps have been there for a while but has become an it girl cool kid must have and although I didn't see myself rocking this trend, its fast becoming one of my favorite things.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on my last post, next year promises to be better with a more calculated post that gives more insight to the world of fashion, DIY and hopefully travels, a lot about my entrepreneurial venture and lifestyle...

What are your thoughts on my outfit and is the bucket cap a wearable trend to you?


Sunday, 4 December 2016

Hello` loves, lets just say this year I wasnt too impressed with my blog content wise and felt like I just restricted it to more of outfit post, which almost led me to closing down my blog and starting over, but naa the devil tried it, so in the coming year, i'm hoping that y'all would let me know what you will like to see on here and I'm also trying to start a YouTube channel hopefully to share more of my wardrobe content .

Today's outfit is kinda weird because you know country girls are kinda brown and suede fashion lovers... so I did just that and paired my favorite brown palletes in my wardrobe and came up with this, might not be everyone's cup of tea but I love it