Thursday, 14 January 2016

Hello loves, never mind the headlines, but am I the only one who is kind of non challant about a lot of things, like it takes a lot of pressure for me to just concentrate and that affects my work ethics a lot.. I know I come off as this serious lady/girl but I just want to play sometimes, you know childhood behavior. My resolve this year though is to take things a bit more serious and see how it ends up.. will be keeping tabs.. 
I'm wearing an outfit that I made during the christmas period for a trip I never went for (Still sad about it though) wearing my #gafasandals flat and you can contact me if you're interested in getting one..


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

 Hello loves, for my Abuja people  there is this usual feeling that eating out is expensive and the inexpensive places just have this brash feelings. Well not so true, part of my new year goals is actually to eat out, I want to add a bit weight this year and I'l be sharing some of my favorite spots to get the best of your money from. I went out with Dami of Abuja Eats and Sandra to my favorite spot in Utako Kungfu Restaurant, since I found this place, its been really hard to eat anywhere else.. from their service to the ambience of the environment, its totally top notch..



Sunday, 10 January 2016

 Last night was the golden globes awards.. First, I’ll like to add that there was less nudity this year.. phew people are realizing how to groom themselves. Another issue that gladdened my heart where the winners, these individuals from Tiraji to Leo De Caprio, Kate Winslet , and  Sylvester Stallone have been consistent in their craft and skill over two decades and it seemed like they’ll never get the recognition they deserved from the Golden Globes. Last night was just refreshing to see them all get rewarded.. success doesn’t come easy and with consistency reward will definitely come, so don’t give up


Friday, 8 January 2016

Hello loves, so this post was from last year when I met  gorgeous MIDE a Lagos based blogger and photographer. She was just the sweetest lady ever and she decided we do a shoot before she leaves. considering from these shots you can tell she is really good at what she does. we went to all my favorite places and she is currently my new besty. She suggested we do a shoot and I decided to rock my own #gafasandals with a vintage shirt I got while thrifting.. y'all go to her page HERE  and see pictures from other bloggers she met while in Abuja


So I was tagged HERE for tips I’ll love to share about starting ones own blog. Truth be told I’m not a pro and still a baby in this journey but I’ll just put out there what I’ve learnt in my own journey and hope it helps, I really do hope others can comment below on what their thoughts are and contribute their own tidbits 

Decide fully on what you want your blog to be about and what will host it: its important your goals are streamlined, that way you wont be overwhelmed with what you think you should do and not because everyone is into it. its also imperative that you choose a name that hasn't been used before and a name relatable to what you do. There are so many host to blogs now from blogger, to wordpress etc.

Get a reliable means of communicating: A tablet, phone laptop can help you work on your blog projects.

Create time: most people don’t realize that blogging is time consuming and one has to make out time to create content.

Have supporters who are willing to share information on your page to make others aware: because of the influx of bloggers over the years, its quite difficult for someone starting out to get to be known as fast, but it will be easier if there are a number of people sharing your content over a period of time, to create awareness.


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Hello loves, I remember starting this series last year to document my feelings of being an Entrepreneur. Its no longer news, that I make some amazing footwear, prices between 2,000-2,500 naira. if you haven’t gotten yours then contact me via my email address on my contact page.

So one of the most amazing feeling is seeing someone slay your product, and is appreciative of it, today I’m featuring Dami of Dami Style Hub (HERE) she makes me happy seeing her in #gafasandals .. Check out her blog people and tell me what you think


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Hello Loves,

Happy New Year, I know I’m three days late oh no four!! But it doesn’t matter, better late than never. So this year came with such a delightful feeling, I think part of it is associated with the fact that people are leaving behind the age long traditions of the New Year, new me attitude (not like its been a bad idea), but its been abused. With that said its not bad to actually draw new goals for oneself.. I for one have done so and part of it is to take things more seriously. Like I can be so childish sometimes, I forget I’m a grown woman (raise your hands if you feel that way too)..