There is urgency to have everything all figured out__DENOLA GREY

Friday, 27 February 2015

meet Denola, Men's wear blogger stylist, a funny personality and I had the great pleasure of having him feature on todays Episode of Feature Friday

Bio-Data Details
Denola Grey, 24-years old. August 13th
Social sites link || Instagram- @denolagrey || Website :

An introduction?
I am a men’s style enthusiast and a media personality mainly focused on men’s fashion and lifestyle. Studied Media Business in college> Worked in fashion PR in New York City briefly

How you've matched up your profession with blogging
The website came first and through the blog section, more media attention came which has led to A few television gigs

 An overview of the Nigerian Fashion industry
I think the Nigerian Fashion industry is one of the most visible in Africa. There is a lot of talent here and over the past decade has seen tremendous growth. There is still a need for more investment to help breed the talent, but it is still on a rise for sure.

What inspired being a blogger?
(Not Just a Blogger) - Blog section was to document my outfits. The website was created because I was a fashion freelancer and it was a great way for people to see what I was about

Earlier challenges / how you overcame them
I haven’t really faced challenges with I think I face similar challenges every 20-something faces. There is urgency to have everything all figured out and set in stone, but I chose to keep my head down and do what comes naturally to me. So far that has worked in my favor

Your little worry about the blogosphere
Any one that documents their life online has a fear that some of it could be taken out of context and used to paint a whole picture of what people think you are. On the other hand my main concern is how to make it a viable business.

Favorite lesson blogging has thought you

Don’t do it for the views. DO it because it’s organic and seamless and it’s exactly what you feel strongly about putting out there.
 General Interest / favorite wardrobe piece

I’m really interested in Men’s fashion, the different aspects of it. It has numerous genres kind of like music. Some of it is street or urban some of it is preppy; some of it is extremely preppy. I love that you can intermix and create something unique to your personality. Favorite wardrobe piece
Would probably be a tie or a bowtie. It really ties an outfit together (pun intended)

 What outfit we cannot catch you in?
Sportswear. Especially hoodies/sweatpants

> Fun facts about you
I’ve never seen the Godfather. I love watching comedies. I’m terribly obsessed with Maryland cookies (the coconut ones). I never use the same fragrance twice. My idea of a good time is a night out at a bar (not club) with friends, beer and chicken wings.

 Advice to those trying to take a cue from you-
It is very imperative that you remain true to yourself. Especially in this digital age where we easily have access to other people’s lives, we aim to be just like other people. Why be like others? They are already taken. The moment you are yourself 24/7 amazing things start to happen.


Thursday, 26 February 2015

Hello fam, the good thing about having a sewing machine is the fact that on lazy days, you can dust if off and make yourself an outfit.
That's exactly what I did, and had a little shoot, with my hair wreath from my Valentine post HERE
it was fun, had a switch from a more serious to a casual look 
HAIR WREATH(made by me)

what do you do with your lazy time?


hello fam, today's post is from my tumblr blog HERE you can follow my dashboard to see what inspirations I get during the week

non of this pictures are original to me or taken by me... so I take no credit for non of these...


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Hello Fam, have you ever lacked outfit ideas and you thought, your moms wardrobe would serve as a better substitute, well yea, happened to me.

paired my ankara colorful print with my mom, moms jeans how funny does that sound? let me know what y'all think. I also used the opportunity to have a little TLC( a singing group)  moment



Monday, 23 February 2015

The red carpet Oscars this year couldn't have been more beautiful, I mean I saw women wear clothes well until the after party on which I decline to shed more light on.

With that being said, last year Lupita was the talk of the day, she broke the Internet and we all waited to see what her outfit this year would be and Yas she didn't dissapoin

6,000 pearl-ferction in a Calvin Klein custom made gown, my heart dropped, this was such a show stopper

With that being said I loved the diversity in Zendayas outfit, pure class sophistication 
Something refreshing and different 

Other looks of the night included Dakota, Zoe Saldana etc 

My best dressed couple 
Must I confess that red suit has never been worn in such perfection David Of Selma 

So who was your best dressed at the oscars and this just made me want to look out for what our own nigerian celebrities will be wearing for the African Magic viewers choice awards 


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hello Fam, so as part of a series I intend to maintain, I'm discussing my thoughts during breakfast.
Have you ever wondered why we as Christians have become nonchalant about reading some portions of the bible, I'm speaking about myself in particular.

 during the weekend I had the opportunity of reading the book of Amos, Zechariah, Zephaniah, Haggai and Malachi and I realized that reading Gods word completely makes you a complete christian. I've not done so well this year to be honest and I hope you put me in your prayers

The Book of Amos 4 and 5 touched me, it explained life completely about how as Christians we are not Hungry for God and how the real truth isn't popular anymore .

one easy way of continually studying Gods word is get a bible you can relate with, I use the message bible and its been a perfect helper

Let me leave you with a word from John 3:19b They went for darkness because they were not really interested in pleasing God

I hope we try to please God this year, honestly i'm not there yet but I'm striving towards it
reading a new book the Alienist, will tell y'all about it soon
Spaghetti/ Tomato/ baked can beans/egg and vegetable with water


Friday, 20 February 2015

Hello fam, yesterday I finally got done with my service to the nation, and one thing I can tell you is that it was worth it.
the Tales of any corp member is endless and one of the peak points they would always remember is the camp training process. I have my own tale, if you get to meet me anytime you can ask of that.
but I'll really like to emphasize that this is one scheme that i'll applaud for the constant review and maintenance, I know more needs to be done, but so far its not gone badly
I met some amazing people, and I can proudly say I put so much effort to serving my father land. I served in Abuja and it wasn't so bad.
the final day of collecting certificates had to be the hardest because, you get a nostalgia feeling and beautiful memories, come back and a sad sensation of the fact that some individuals you may never get to meet. 
what was your NYSC tale?
Corpers WE! WA