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Where Imaginations Roam freeby Numi Who

sometimes I go to this poem in my catalog as a constant reminder that life isn't that serious.. just love what you do and don't do it for social stratification


So its been a while on the Beauty segment of the blog, and I decided today to share my recipe of my not so flawless face, my Aloe Vera Therapy

little story: My face reacts pretty much over everything, from pressure, to soap and even makeup, and then I have this rashes on my skin that is inevitable when it decides to break out. This particularly isn't just a pleasant sight, its like mini demons stuck on your face and if not taken care of can become Horns(Hyperbole) well I take face issues seriously more than I do my clothes, so I decided to find a natural Recipe normally when breakouts like this occur, there is advice left right center, and I say different stroke for different folks, stick to what you know

I use mine when I have a day off work or before I go to bed, as usual, wash your face, before you apply and wake up in the morning looking flawless... this works like magic for me..I'll love to call myself a herbalist in this area
Do not allow the liquid touch yo…