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its not every time I come up here to declare my love for my body or use such words as seen on my headings, but I did this to celebrate the life of Maya Angelou, her words certainly where from such deep thoughts and wisdom, that even after her demise many of us can relate to what ever she said

in  one of her poems she wrote you may write me down in history, you may trod me in the very dirt but still, like dust i'll rise

do you want to see me broken? bowed head and lowered eyes? shoulders falling down like teardrops? weakened by my soulful cries?

you may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still like air, i'll rise

does my sexiness upset you? does it come as a surprise that i dance like I've got diamonds at the meeting of my thighs?

its sad that we are loosing the best part of our generation and i hope that the mantle passes on to those who will have the strength to pass messages as powerful as this

thanks for the positive com…


so my outfit of the day… just came in one photo bomb…

your comments below to see what you think


hello.. fam so today I want to give details about my hair, as so many questions have been asked about it
I used the Black Essence Royal silk product

I used Seven Packets (I guess why 7) but for my length that was the total number required
trust me its not to heavy weight on my hair, and I love it cos the rough edges are not seen considering the rough nature of the weave it was made tight and twisted


I've photobombed myself thought i'll share

I hope this answered most of the questions…love you


hello fam, today is all about the colour block, trend which has decided to stay after its grand breaking moments two years ago.. but somehow people have decided to abuse it looking like a clothe of many colours without keeping it minimal 
color blocking is wearing strategically placed complimentary yet contrasting bold colours
there are also some basic rules like; don't wear more than four colours at a time and keep at the back of your memory that less is more
with that said, during my devotional yesterday.. I came across a message that struck a chord in me it was the story of Jacob and Esau and the blessing that was taken away from the first and given to the younger well Jacob said something in Gen 27: 40b 'BUT WHEN YOU CAN'T TAKE IT NO ANYMORE YOU'LL BREAK OOSE AND RUN FREE'

some of us are in situations where that is applicable, and i know that quote would go a long way to ministering 
hope you enjoyed the post OUTFIT DETAILS DRESS/FOREVER21 SHOES/ ALDO


last year had the tartan pattern crave back again, this time no longer on our school uniforms, but our adult fashion forward fashionisters and labels who felt a major comeback of this trend will crave the indulgence of many which now includes me….

you might wonder how I decided to try mine on..after the standing ovation for such feat had gone under the rug, well my answer is simple that is just me…When or if i find myself basking in the realm of other fashion looks as at when popularised..  i take time out to pause and reflect if indeed i am doing the right thing
which brings me to proverbs16:4a God made everything with a place and purpose

 than a patterned tiger

this is an outfit i'll try to make other looks out of and see if any other patterns can go with it and i'll share 

SHIRT/ Marks&Spencer

Skirt: Never came with a label just a tag saying it was size US size 6
Shoes/ Qupid
the giveaway has been up for three days and I hope you all are interested

Jewellery/ Topshop

P.S send que…


so I'm giving away one of my lovely 4'C blazer jacket and this giveaway is open to those who stay only in Abuja with time i'll be able to leave it open to other regions

rules follow my social networks, twitter, instagram and then my blog. when you are done send me an to the entry is below the blog. you might need a computer to view in full God bless


The challenge about blogging daily for me is, using my blog daily to send our positive vibe and in my little way speak about Jesus