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THISDAY reporter  Grace Chimezie, recounts her ordeal when the bombs came exploding last Thursday at the premises of the organization. It is usually not my routine to be at the office early, except when I am not at the field monitoring news events. But that day, I was less busy, and being a student on internship, I decided to head for the office and find what I could do. I had a little chat with my boss about the previous day’s event, and in our last editorial meeting, the privilege of reviewing the papers all through the week preparatory for the next meeting fell on me. I felt on top of the world, a poor intern. I browsed through a copy of our publication to see if my story was published. After we got through with the conversation, I went on to check my mail and go through the papers, I was still in my multitask assignments when I had a loud explosion; I found myself on the floor, groaning in pain, apparently dazed. My thought pattern was disorganised. I was dazed and out of this world…