Monday, 10 March 2014

hello readers, today I'm going to be bringing some sorta sad news... to cut the chase and go straight to the point, I've been called to serve my country and the follow up of that means I have to be drilled in camp for my upcoming one year adventure
 this would mean me, being absent for one month in the blogosphere 

just to leave you with my double take on my all white outfit...
 leave your comments below let me know what you think of this outfit

Shoe/Desert Noble
Accessory/ Topshop/Spectrum

SUNDAY BEST {think Positive}

Sunday, 9 March 2014

I always say that I’m extremely blessed to have these moments when I can sit down and write these Faith posts. These affirmations are equally for me as they are for my readers. The messages that God lays on my heart always serve as reminders and come at crucial times. I am very grateful for this outlet and this reminder today to think positive.

This month I’ve been meditating on Proverbs 23:7 which lets us know that ‘ As a man thinks of himself; So he is’. How true is this? Who, like me, has moments of paramount assuredness and confidence? I have months where I’m extremely confident and conquering. Then I have those not so pleasant moments where I don’t feel as productive and connected to my environment; I sort of zone out of life. November has been one of those months for me. I’ve been a tad discouraged in my job search since finishing school, so I’ve been meditating on this word for a couple of weeks now.

culled from kouturekitten

It’s not always easy to think positive when you don’t feel it, but I think it’s important to remember that our thoughts dictate our mood, and not vise versa. Whenever we feel down, It’s up to us to remind ourselves that we don’t have to feel this way. Once we plant positive thoughts in our mind, our spirit will begin to accept them and it will begin to bear fruit in your mood. It ain’t easy, but in believing what the Bible says about you – How could you not be great?

Think Positive. Now off to do just that. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think! How do your thoughts affect your life and what do you do to combat trying negative thoughts?
Dress/Ankara, A.K.A; jumping Horse
Shoe: Aldo


this cultural outfit has been a trend for quite a while now and I wanted to have my own take on it

outfit details


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

HOPE EVERYONE IS DOING WELL, would be missing in action soon, cos i have some business to do with school and i'll be back within a month...
so I want to share my photo of the day and I hope everyone is fine


Monday, 3 March 2014

This years oscars had to be my favourite in a long time, considering the fact that history was made and our new face and favorite black celebrity Lupitan Nyongo was not robbed of he clearly deserved oscars, although it was also a sad night for me, noting that Leonardo De Caprio did not clinch any award in all his category

 she was the star of the night, her speech could win oscars also

she makes baby bumps gorgeous

thats about that and Ellen also made history with her selfie which she had predicted will have 2million retweets 

best host ever....

the end


Sunday, 2 March 2014

hello fam, its that month again where i review the monthly designers market place event that holds at city park WuseII Abuja. this one was different cos I had the opportunity of meeting one of Nigerians renowned  artist IcePrince.. 

he was so down to earth and as you know people had their usual flock in for photographs and autographs. I also met the pretty brain behind the event she is so cute I want to tan black.. enough said let me relish some of the memories with images.

below is a picture I took with the creative brain behind DMP, as its popularly called

today's review was to be centred around people, but I could not help, but capture the image of a brown Primark boot which caught my fancy and I absolutely had to purchase

had fun with this crazy beautiful souls

others at the event....

sorry for the photo overflow

and I told y'all  I got the boots..some of my comfy collection

I mean my face at the end of the day was an expression of what i had gone through

and its a wrap... thanks for the support on the page and please let me know if you are finding it difficult to comment with the new changes on the blog xoxo.


Saturday, 1 March 2014

HELLO FAM, I want to share with you what I came across during my devotional this morning. Matthew 15:21-28
the amazing level of faith displayed by the woman whose daughter was cruelly afflicted by an evil spirit.

I thought about the obstacles the woman in todays scripture had to overcome before she could get her miracle. first she was not an Israelite, so she had no covenant right to the blessing of healing, yet she did not disqualify herself.
she knew what she wanted and her mind was made up to keep working at it until she got it

its a new month and my advice to everyone is to keep being strong and you just don't know where your faith might lead you