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this post has been long overdue, well this was to be posted on Sunday, cos this was what I wore to church and I just love this #ASOS gown I got for N3,000 at last months Designers Market Place... very affordable and comfortable...
Quote for the day...


“Don’t change to fit the fashion change the fashion to fit you” Yesterday was quite stressful had a lot of running around to do, printed my project work and my cousins were of great help even though at the end of the day we were all stressed out to take a picture together.. but this was my outfit Black lace top: wizard of Oz Skirt: Ankara Shoes: Tru worth boutique Jewelry: Designers Market place City Park Abuja


so I've been less up-dative with my blog lately, mostly because of work and all.... so today I would be having to post and I hope you all would enjoy it...
makeup is to me is an art of just always reinventing how you look... this would be my first picture story... decided to share please leave your comments below...

concealing foundation from: Black Opal and Mary Kay
foundation from:Mary Kay
Eye Pencil: Mary Kay
Red Lipstick
Iman Eye Shadow Pallet

before the frenzy

 I just had to have my face made this scary before i looked this good

please feel free to leave your comments below thanks and thank you all for the positive feedbacks..... xoxo


how is everyone doing, Sunday service was the best found out more about Gods love and how without love we are nothing 1COR: 13 was the verse expatiated by the preacher... so its almost become like a habit to post my style crush of the week... so this week I have Lola styles as my style crush link is

                                her looks are just perfectly effortless and I can so relate to her style
 so my outfit of today was an Ankara made gown given to me by a friend... and the Rusted Gate was just the close by bright side I could take my picture.......

have a lovely week... till my next post I love you all and thanks for the positive feedback would be glad if you subscribe thank lovies

You will only be remembered for your obsession

lets start with the caption for today.. it was gotten from Myles Murdock's book on key words of wisdom...todays post would be featuring a revisited outfit...this post might have been featured in my facebook page a long time ago but I feel a strong obligation to share it...details of the outfit would be posted below...
Orange Top: personally made with lace
Green Mixed Skirt: Ankara and Lemon green Tafita mixed

by the way I have one paper left to complete my examination... thanks for the positive feedback... hope y'all had a lovely day...
plus a tip of what I and my friends were up to today

                                              me and my best friend Shoe: Atmosphere